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Massage Therapy for Back Pain

Massage Therapy for Back Pain in New Berlin

When back pain strikes you want to find a solution fast, which is where massage therapy in New Berlin comes in. Here at Evans Chiropractic & Pain Relief Laser Clinic, we follow a multi-disciplinary approach to pain relief. In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Eliesha Evans uses massage therapy to reduce your pain natural. Learn more about this process prior to your first appointment.

How Does Massage Therapy Help Treat Back Pain?
If you are suffering from back pain this typically involves the muscles within your back. Even in the instance that you are suffering back pain due to a herniated disc or sciatica, your back muscles are inflamed. We use massage therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling in your back muscles. This is beneficial to give your chiropractor better access your spine for an adjustment.

What are the Most Common Causes of Back Pain?
Generally, we see patients who are suffering from lower back pain due to poor posture or ergonomics at work. Over time a lack of core muscles leaves the back weak and easily injured. This type of injury also occurs because of auto accidents, sports injuries, and personal injuries. You may also have pulled a muscle in your back or pinched a nerve, which is causing your back pain.

Can a Chiropractor Use Other Treatments in Addition to Massage?
Yes, and in fact, this is one of the reasons that you should choose a chiropractor for treating back pain using massage. Here in New Berlin back pain can be effectively treated using a combination of chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. During your initial consultation with Dr. Evans you will receive a treatment plan that will highlight the treatments best suited for your back pain relief.

Meet Your New Berlin Chiropractor for Massage
As the leading chiropractor in New Berlin, Dr. Evans provides complete pain relief without the use of drugs or surgery. Here at Evans Chiropractic & Pain Relief Laser Clinic you can also receive acupuncture, MLS laser, and functional medicine. Contact our office at 262-203-9209 to schedule massage therapy for back pain. We are currently offering a discount on your first consultation and exam as a new patient.

We are here to provide you with the highest quality of care and cutting-edge medicine to completely eliminate your current pain. Call us today for a free consultation.