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Reduce Headaches with Massage Therapy New Berlin, Wisconsin

Massage therapy has been proven to help reduce tension headaches and migraines and can have numerous benefits. At Regen Med Pain Relief, we take a whole-body approach to our patient’s well-being, with a multidisciplinary practice that utilizes natural techniques to help reduce and prevent headaches and other painful conditions. Adding regular massages to your health […]

A Multi-Tier Approach to Joint Pain New Berlin, Wisconsin

Have you been suffering from pain and stiffness as a result of joint pain, damage, or degradation? You are certainly not alone. Unfortunately, joint pain is an extremely common complaint, with symptoms ranging from mild, periodic inflammation to limited mobility and an overall decrease in a person’s quality of life. Fortunately, there are viable solutions […]

Causes and Treatments for Hip Pain New Berlin, WI

If you are suffering from hip pain, you know how excruciating and debilitating it can be. Simple activities like standing from a seated position or walking can become anywhere from uncomfortable to impossible due to the pain inside or surrounding the hip. However, hip pain is not simply relegated to older people who have fallen […]

Neuropathy: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments New Berlin, WI

Neuropathy is characterized by numbness, tingling, and pain due to damage of the nerves. If you are dealing with neuropathic pain, you are very familiar with the difficulty it can cause during your day-to-day activities. Many of those with peripheral neuropathy have a hard time doing even the simplest of tasks, and it can have […]

Painful Conditions That Laser Therapy Can Help Treat New Berlin, WI

Because of its ability to encourage the damaged musculoskeletal tissue to renew itself, laser therapy is particularly useful in treating the following conditions: Inflammation – particularly in joints, due to arthritis or other causes, including overuse of the joints. Patients with chronic inflammation tend to treat the pain with medication and get temporary relief from […]

How Can Regenerative Medicine Help Relieve Neck Pain? New Berlin, WI

Neck pain is a very common condition that plagues many individuals. In particular, the spine is a vulnerable structure comprised of joints and ligaments that work in unison to support the head. Because of its delicate composition and susceptibility to injury, damage to the spine can lead to several uncomfortable symptoms, including shooting pain, headaches/migraines, […]

Six Simple Shoulder Stretches for Pain Relief New Berlin, WI

These stretches are intended to increase flexibility and range of motion in your shoulder joint and the surrounding muscles. Stretch to the degree that is comfortable for you on any given day. Do not push yourself beyond your limits, and discontinue the exercise if you feel shoulder pain beyond mild tightness or discomfort. Cross-body Shoulder […]

What is Functional Medicine? New Berlin, WI

Traditionally, our medical system focuses on a specific disease or illness. Functional medicine offers an alternative medical model using natural methods to treat the underlying or root cause as opposed to a subset of symptoms. Our functional medicine doctors work together with our patients, spending significant time listening to their histories to better enable them […]

Simple Tips to Reduce Aches and Pains Wisconsin

When you suffer from aches and pains caused by an injury or chronic condition, there are a lot of ways you can alleviate your discomfort and improve your mobility. Many of us think that the doctor’s office is the only place to find relief, but if you’re willing to take the time, you can find […]

Tips for Sciatica Pain Relief New Berlin, WI
The nerve pain that accompanies sciatica can be debilitating for many who are experiencing it. Thankfully, many tips and treatment options can help many find relief from their sciatic pain. Nutrition - Having a healthy balanced diet can help to relieve inflammation due to sciatica pain. This can include whole grains, foods high in fiber, […]
Spinal Decompression - Big Name, Simple Treatment New Berlin, WI

Spinal decompression therapy is available to help people who are suffering from pain due to damaged, bulging or herniated discs. Spinal decompression treatments may also be used for issues with the sciatica, spinal nerve roots and spinal joints. This treatment helps to promote pain relief without the risk of surgery or medication. It is important […]

How to Prepare for a Chiropractic Appointment New Berlin, WI

Preparing for a chiropractic appointment involves prepping the body for any adjustments that will be made. For example taking a brief walk or staying hydrated beforehand can benefit the process of any adjustments made by relaxing the spine and allowing muscle support. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a Chiropractic appointment: Make […]

Helpful Tips to Improve Your Posture New Berlin, WI

To really get the most benefits out of seeing your chiropractor, you have to understand that it’s not just going in for an adjustment. There are many factors and components to our improving your health and physical wellbeing that are related to the spine. The spine is a part of your core. Day in and […]

How to get the most out of your Chiropractic appointment Wisconsion

Chiropractic care is a great all-natural option to restore balance to your body. Chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive and can treat a variety of conditions by realigning your spine and improving your body functions. There are certain things you can do to increase effectiveness and get the most out of your chiropractic appointment. Keep reading to […]

7 Easy Stretches to Improve Back and Hip Pain New Berlin Wi

Dealing with back pain is never fun. Whether it’s in your hips, lower or upper back, joints, or elsewhere, your first option to alleviate pain does not need to be medication or surgery. There are several options for pain relief. Our doctors prefer all-natural methods, including all-natural medicine and treatments. One option is to start […]

Non-Surgical Options for Chronic Knee Pain New Berlin Wi

Is your knee pain putting added stress on your daily activities? Instead of relying on medications for quick pain relief, or undergoing months of rehabilitation through surgery, consider non-surgical treatment options for your chronic knee pain. At Regen Med Pain Relief Laser Clinics, we offer prp treatments that will help rid you of your knee […]

PRP: Your Body's Own Healing Properties Wisconsin
Have you ever considered using your own body’s natural healing properties to heal your most persistent injuries and aesthetic issues? Platelet-rich plasma injection therapy (otherwise known as PRP therapy) has become increasingly popular as a new treatment option to alleviate pain and repair damaged cells in the body. How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Work? Platelet-rich […]
Common Neuropathy Myths New Berlin, WI

It’s amazing how often you hear things in the medical field that are believed but are not true, especially when it comes to neuropathy. This condition causes discomfort for millions of people, and many of them do not seek treatment simply because of what they’ve read online or heard from someone else. You should never […]

Starting your Own Vegetable Garden!!! New Berlin, WI

Ever thought about starting your own vegetable garden? Well, today is a great day to start! First off, maintaining your own garden can be a great new hobby. You can even share your plants with your fellow gardeners! On top of that, you can grow cheap organic produce that contains more nutrients than your typical […]

Tattoo Removal New Berlin, WI

Ever had a tattoo you just regret??? Well if you have, then you are part of the 50% of people who have tattoos. Many people get tattoos for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes later in life these reasons may not seem as desirable. Then what should you do? You should try one of the ways […]

Laser Therapy for Pain Relief New Berlin, WI

New Berlin Chiropractor Offers Pain Relief with the MLS Class 4 Laser FDA-approved and patented through the U.S. Patent Office, the Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy is a highly effective, noninvasive chiropractic treatment for relieving many musculoskeletal disorders causing pain, inflammation and edema. The device generates a therapeutic MLS pulse that is synchronized precisely […]

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain New Berlin, WI

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain in New Berlin As a natural, effective treatment for back pain, consider chiropractic care in New Berlin. Here at Regen Med Pain Relief Laser Clinics, we promote all-natural pain relief and healing. We use chiropractic treatments and spinal adjustments, as well as alternative methods including laser therapy. If you are […]

The Benefits of Meditation New Berlin, WI

Many Americans feel that they spend all of their time at work, running errands, or doing chores. In fact, it seems like our free time has completely disappeared! During the free time that we do have, it seems like we spend thinking about the various obligations and concerns weighing on us rather than enjoying the […]

Eating Locally New Berlin, WI

The local food movement has become more and more prevalent in recent years, with many restaurants and grocery stores emphasizing seasonal, local food. But why should we care where our food comes from? As it turns out, there are a lot of benefits to eating food that was grown close to home! Here are a […]

Massage Therapy for Back Pain New Berlin, WI

Massage Therapy for Back Pain in New Berlin When back pain strikes you want to find a solution fast, which is where massage therapy in New Berlin comes in. Here at Regen Med Pain Relief Laser Clinics, we follow a multi-disciplinary approach to pain relief. In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Eliesha Evans uses massage […]

Sun Exposure New Berlin, WI

With April wrapping up, we thought it might be a good idea to remind you about the risks of sun exposure. Everyone knows that we’re supposed to apply sunscreen during the summer and avoid sunburns, but many people don’t actually follow the advice given. That’s likely due to our culture’s perception of tan skin as […]

Daylight Savings time New Berlin, WI

Daylight savings time (DST) was designed to better align daylight hours with our normal daily activities, allowing us to spend more of our time awake in the sun. Although the idea dates back to as far as Benjamin Franklin, it gained popularity during the First World War as a measure to prevent excess energy consumption. […]

Why You Need More Exercise New Berlin, WI

You know you should exercise, but something always seems to get in the way. Always busy, you’re tired and at this moment, your T.V. and couch have never looked better. You are not alone: Approximately 50% of Americans do not get the recommended minimum amount of physical activity. Obesity and Type II diabetes have reached […]

The Importance of Vitamin D and What You can do about it New Berlin, WI

As most people know, Vitamin D is a vitamin essential to human life which can be made by the body by exposing the skin to a pinking amount of sunlight. Our livers and kidneys use Vitamin D’s two forms, D2 and D3, to form their biologically active form, calcitriol. Calcitriol is a hormone used to […]

The Dangers of BPA New Berlin, WI

BPA is one of those things you hear a lot of vaguely negative things about, but never really know what it is or what it’s supposed to do. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, a stabilizer that is not only present in plastics, but is also used in the interior coatings in food and drink containers, […]

Spring Recipe: Southwestern Sprouted Lentil Salad New Berlin, WI

Now that spring has arrived, why not take the time to try some new, healthier lunch options? We recommend trying sprouted foods this spring. They’re easier to digest, contain easier to absorb nutrients and minerals, and taste fresh! While sprouted foods may pose some risk because they require warm, wet environments to grow, the incidence […]

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