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Stem Cell Therapy

Are you wondering what stem cell therapy is, if it’s your best treatment option, or how it can help your body heal? While injections involving stem cells help rejuvenate and regenerate tissues naturally without surgery or medication, it's essential to be familiar with what stem cell therapy is before knowing if it’s right for you.

Our doctor provides treatments using regenerative cells that help amplify your body’s natural ability to heal. As a multi-faceted facility in New Berlin and Waukesha, Wisconsin, we will diagnosis your condition, answer any questions you have about cell therapy, and work with you on the regenerative medicine treatment that’s best for your ailment.

Types of Stem Cell Therapies Waukesha, WI

Types of Stem Cell Therapies

Our bodies already contain stem cells that help repair or regrow damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy is the process of harvesting cells from your body, creating a sample with a higher concentration of stem cells, and then injecting that formula at the site your pain to increase your body’s healing ability.

The tissues commonly used in stem cell therapy are adipose (fat) and bone marrow. Adipose cells are derived from older cells with somewhat promising results for healing but run the risk of added toxins since fat is where the body stores these materials. Bone marrow treatments involve collecting cells from the spongy tissue inside your bones and harvesting is often painful. Since both involve surgery, there’s also the risk of infection.

Our doctors do not collect stem cells from adipose cells or bone marrow but use an outside source for mesenchymal regenerative cells. We trust tissue banks to supply us with young and healthy mesenchymal cells from Wharton’s jelly through umbilical allografts.

With injections involving mesenchymal cells and other growth factors, your body will be able to heal faster and more effectively without the need to undergo a procedure to harvest cells from your body. Our doctors in New Berlin and Waukesha will help your body’s natural ability to regenerate cells, providing you with an efficient, long-term solution for healing.

Treatment Containing Growth Factors and Mesenchymal Stem Cells Brookfield, WI

Treatment Containing Growth Factors and Mesenchymal Regenerative Cells

We identify and target the best site for injections so that mesenchymal cells can get to work. These youthful cells are efficient at dividing, differentiating, and healing your body. As your body adjusts to the new cells, it will heal damaged tissue naturally, increasing your strength and mobility in the process.

Treatments containing regenerative cells are a natural, safe alternative to surgery, and the procedure is similar for all types of conditions. Injections are relatively quick and require no hospital stay or prolonged recovery. You can return to your regular routine after treatment.

Our doctor has helped patients in New Berlin and Waukesha heal their bodies with injections involving regenerative cells. We will diagnose your condition, evaluate the specific site of your pain, and treat you with the optimal treatment for your injury.

Treatments Containing Mesenchymal Cells for Pain

Our doctors alleviate pain by injecting mesenchymal cells in underlying tissues. Common conditions we treat include:

  • Back pain and neck pain
  • Sciatica and hip pain
  • Knee pain, including tendon and ligament injuries
  • Degraded cartilage and bone issues
  • Shoulder pain, such as a partially torn rotator cuff
  • Joint pain

Our doctor in New Berlin and Waukesha, Wisconsin will evaluate your condition and provide you with the best regenerative medicine treatment for your body. We offer free consultations, so call us or visit us today to learn more about regenerative medicine.

We are here to provide you with the highest quality of care and cutting-edge medicine to completely eliminate your current pain. Call us today for a free consultation.