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Common Neuropathy Myths

It’s amazing how often you hear things in the medical field that are believed but are not true, especially when it comes to neuropathy. This condition causes discomfort for millions of people, and many of them do not seek treatment simply because of what they’ve read online or heard from someone else. You should never make major or even small medical decisions without first consulting a doctor. You have likely heard plenty of myths about neuropathy, so let’s start with some of the most common ones and why they simply are not true.

 Neuropathy is a Sign of Aging Waukesha, WI

Myth 1: Neuropathy is a Sign of Aging

One of the biggest myths about this ailment is that it is caused by aging. This is not true. In fact, it usually occurs with older people only because of the wear and tear of their bodies. Because there are so many causes of the ailment, neuropathy can occur in anyone, of any age. Conditions such as diabetes can cause neuropathy to occur even in people under the age of 20. Manual labor jobs seem to be a common trend with older people who are in relatively good health but still manage to get the ailment.

Myth 2:There Is No Cure

This myth gets right to the point of the condition. There is no cure, right? While there is no magic pill or surgery that will eliminate the condition, there are treatments that can help alleviate pain and other symptoms, including regenerative cell treatments and therapy. No, this is not voodoo. It’s a proven and natural way to allow the body to heal itself using healthy and strong cells that repair older ones that are damaged. It’s an innovative option that has helped with ailments far more severe and shown fantastic results.

Myth 3: All Forms of Neuropathy Are Treated the Same

Another myth you will hear is that all forms of neuropathy are treated the same. If someone is suffering from it because of diabetes, and another person is suffering from it because they’ve worked as a contractor for the last 40 years, can you treat them the same? No, and that’s because of the cause of the condition, which impacts the treatment. If you are dealing with this ailment because of diabetes, then the first thing your doctor may want to talk to you about is your routine for diet and exercise. Your commitment in this area will have a major role to play in the course of treatment you will need. If it is caused by years of wear and tear on the body, you may want to look into treatments that relieve the pain and stress on the nerves.

There is No Cure Brookfield, WI

Myth 4: Only Those with Diabetes Can Have Neuropathy

Speaking of diabetes, is that the only way you can have this condition? No. As stated earlier, you can suffer from this condition because of the wear and tear on your body, and several other factors, including what has happened to you over the course of your life. This means that being in a car accident or a physically demanding career can play a role in having this condition, too. The reason that often there is so much information about this condition in people who have diabetes is because a high number of those who have it also have both. However, that does not mean that the two are completely linked.

Natural Neuropathy Relief through Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is one of many options that are available to people who suffer from neuropathy. This method of treatment is preferred by our doctors because it’s safe, all-natural, and has little to no side effects. It does not involve injecting harmful chemicals into your body, taking potentially addictive medications, or going through surgery. Hopefully, rather than believing in all the myths, you will take the time to consult your doctor and find out the real options you have available to you.

If you would like to learn more about this condition and treatment options, contact us today for free information. We want to help you find long-term options that can benefit you and give you a new opportunity for your health.

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